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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Better Than Do-It-Yourself Divorce Process

My name is Peter Thompson and I am a family law attorney who works with people to find the most expedient and cost-effective strategy for completing their divorce in Carlsbad, Vista and North County San Diego. Here in North County, and across California almost 80% of people try to handle their divorce cases themselves. I understand that these are very difficult economic times, and that most people just want their divorces completed in the shortest time frame possible and at the lowest possible cost. But I've personally seen too many cases where well intentioned people wind up frustrated, returning to court over and over because paperwork isn't correct and critical issues remain unresolved. The amount of time they personally invest can be overwhelming, and in the end they often wind up with a result that is far different from what they wanted or had agreed to in the first place.

I am Not Here To Flair Things Up

I have extensive experience working with people where they are, and helping them to diffuse highly emotional situations so that they can effectively focus upon what is actually important and make good decisions on issues that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Decisions taken in the midst of emotion are almost always poor decisions. I find that parents struggling to work out custody and visitation (known in California as parenting time) often struggle due to the emotions involved and in many cases the baggage of what has happened and the inability to move past it. I help clients to understand the real issues at hand, the law, and how it is applied in real life here in North County. I want to help you obtain what you want without dealing with or increasing the intense emotions involved.

The Real Secret to the Lowest Cost on Your Divorce in North County

There are a few important things to understand as you approach your divorce here in North County, and throughout California. Due to recent budget cuts and substantial changes in divorce law the courts are overwhelmed and backlogged. There are simply more cases than the court is prepared to hear day in and day out. So when your case is scheduled you want to be completely prepared with all of your paperwork in order, so that the judge or magistrate can quickly move through your case and grant approval in the quickest possible time frame.

The primary ingredient in the cost of a North County or California divorce case is "disagreement." In order to complete a divorce all issues related to assets, liabilities and debts, as well as issues related to the children must be resolved before a divorce can be granted.

Contact an Experienced Carlsbad and Vista Divorce Lawyer

Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with trying to handle the process and paperwork of your divorce on your own.   I invite you to contact me, or call 760-356-8031 for a free consultation. I will apply my experience, expertise and interpersonal skills to help bring your divorce to a successful conclusion for a fixed fee, so that you can move forward with your life.

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